Ami Nguyen For District 3
Fighting For A Vibrant, Affordable & Equitable Seattle

This campaign is entirely funded and supported by community members, friends and Democracy Vouchers. Not by Corporate PAC money.

We thrive when our neighbors thrive. District 3 is a vibrant area that also experiences its share of disparities. While many have been able to rebuild after the great recession, countless others struggle daily to meet their basic needs. Most middle-class individuals and families are burdened with high student loan debt and wages that are outpaced by our cost-of-living. Everyday, I work on finding solutions for my clients to their most stressful problems. I know that I'll be be able to do the same for our constituents as a Seattle Council Member.

We have the opportunity this year to choose council members who will represent our values and give a voice to marginalized communities. I've dedicated my legal career to public service advocating for individuals and families. I am the dedicated advocate for our District. I will work with constituents and council members to find solutions to the disparities and crisis of our District.

Together, we can make Seattle a city for all of us. THIS IS OUR TURN, OUR TIME, OUR CITY.