About Ami

I am the daughter of refugees from a war-torn Vietnam. My parents were not able to obtain more than a fourth grade education and struggled with literacy in their native language. My family relied on government programs such as food stamps, subsidized housing and public education. With the support of caring teachers and after-school programs, I was fortunate enough stay on a path that allowed me attend college and law school. This is why I have dedicated my career to public service; to help make sure people receive services that will allow them to succeed.

As a public defender who has worked with the most vulnerable populations at Seattle Municipal Court, I look forward making policy changes that eradicates discrimination and unfair treatment of people of color, poor people, and individuals suffering from mental illness or addiction. I will promote policies where social services replace ineffective punitive systems that excessively drain our budget.

My experience as a renter and tenants’ rights attorney has given me the insight to develop policies that help families remain in their homes. The City has the duty to enforce habitability laws and fine bad slumlords without displacing tenants.

I will fight for affordable housing, affordable childcare, and quality wrap-around school programs.

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