I’m relying on Democracy Vouchers because I’m not accepting corporate funds and I don’t have the personal wealth to pour thousands of dollars into a campaign. I have dedicated my career to public service and paying off student loans. Democracy Vouchers not only allow working individuals like me to run for public office, but also encourages historically underrepresented communities to become involved with the democratic process. Each voucher can take up to 3 weeks to process, so please contribute your Democracy Vouchers with my campaign today!

  • DONATE to Help Me Qualify for The Democracy Voucher Program: I need 150 donations in the amount of $10 - $250 from Seattle residents to be able to redeem Vouchers. Seattle residents have already donated over $10k of their Vouchers to my campaign, but I am unable to redeem them until I get enough $10+ donations. Please help me reach that goal!

  • ONLINE Contribution of Vouchers: You will need to create an account, verify the account via email and then assign your vouchers.

  • MAIL Your Vouchers to City of Seattle, Democracy Voucher Program, P.O. Box 35196, Seattle, WA 98124. A pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope should be provided with your vouchers.

  • HOST a Democracy Voucher Collection Party!

Lost your vouchers? No worries! Request a REPLACEMENT.