Seattle Educators Have a New Champion for Seattle City Council, District 3

SEATTLE, WA - 6/24/2019 -- The Seattle Education Association, which represents over 6,000 Seattle Public School educators, endorsed public education champion Ami Nguyen for Seattle City Council, District 3. 

Nguyen, a public defender who advocates for the rights of individuals suffering from mental health and chemical dependency who are held under the state Involuntary Treatment Act, is running on a platform of accessibility and accountability. 

She vows to be a champion for accountability on the city council, believing that the current city council and the mayor's office are failing in regards to community outreach and involvement as well as transparency. 

Nguyen holds that current municipal policies are difficult to navigate and access for residents and does little to provide the people of Seattle with tangible improvements to their lives.   

“We place the burden of society’s inequities on our educators, and rather than shy away, our educators are resilient and advocate for better conditions for students. Seattle needs to provide social services, an adequate number of nurses, and wrap-around programs at our public schools to ensure that our children can focus on learning and achieve their dreams.” 

As the daughter of refugees from a war-torn Vietnam, Nguyen relied on public education and credits her success early in life to the support she received from public educators. Nguyen has always been a champion for public educators who play a vital role in ensuring that our children and communities succeed. She understands that a strong educational foundation is key to achieving success and a more prosperous life in the modern world.

“With the support of caring educators and after-school programs, I was fortunate enough to stay on a path that allowed me to attend college and law school. This is why I have dedicated my career to public service; to help people receive services that will allow them to succeed.”

This welcomed endorsement for Nguyen over rival and current School Board Member Zachary DeWolf comes as no surprise given that DeWolf has often been criticized for his lackluster School Board attendance record, weak constituent meeting record, and failure to develop meaningful policy.

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